01.06.2020 - NordMidiMapper Version 0.3.0

NordMidiMapper Version 0.3.0 is released right now.

With NordMidiMapper you can calculate the MIDI program from the device specific naming scheme (e.g. for Program-, Song- or Live Mode on the Nord Stage 3)
Whats new?

v 0.3.0:
- It comes with a cleaner UI
- Nord Stage 2 was added as a new Device
- improve reverse mapping from midi to Program name

v 0.2.0 ( 31.05.2020 ):
- It comes with a cleaner UI
- The UI can handle multiple devices
- Nord Lead 4 was added as a new Device
- Nord Stage 3 Live Mode was added
- added a menubar
- Trying to speed up the application start

v 0.1.1 ( 24.05.2020):
- Calculate Program Number for Nord Stage 3
- first release

This is also an experiment for me to evaluate whether people are willing to pay money for software, even though it is free and contains no advertising.

Download: Mac Os - NordMidiMapper v0.3.0.pkg

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