Midi Mapper for Nord Keyboards (NordMidiMapper)
Version 1.2.1
Last Update 01.06.2021

With Midi Mapper for Nord Keyboards you can calculate the MIDI program (MSB, LSB) from the device specific naming scheme of your Nord device to make it easier to use it in a DAW.

Now you do not need to look into your manual to search for a MIDI parameter cc numbers any more. Midi Mapper for Nord Keyboards comes with a device specific categorized and searchable MIDI controller list. And to make it more usefull it receives the MIDI-Change-Commands directly from your Nord device. Your Nord device will be connected automatically.

Rock on!

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v 1.2.1

Add Nord Piano 5
Add Support for Mac-M1 Silicon Processor
Show Update Notification
Extend free License
Caclulation Bugfixes

v 1.1.0

Renamed Application from NordMidiMapper to Midi Mapper for Nord Keyboards
automate build process

v 1.0.4

reduce package size
add Licence file
fix windows installation
fix Menubar links does not open browser on Windows OS

v 0.9.0

internal refactoring

v 0.8.1

extend free license
Add Nord Grand
Add Nord Piano 4
Add Nord Piano 3
Add Nord Stage 2 EX
Refactoriing of internal model

v 0.7.1

Improve font rendering
Window is resizable
Improve UI
Improve Menubar for Windows

v 0.6.3

Add Nord Electro 6
Add Nord Electro 5
Improve UI
Possibility to add or remove Devices

v 0.5.4

Windows installer
Add Nord Wave 2
Add Nord Lead A1
Add Nord Wave
Listen to your MIDI Devices to automatic fill Program and MIDI-CC Values
Improve Controller List for Nord Lead 4

v 0.4.1

Add Nord Electro 4
MIDI-Controller-List with categories and search function
UI Improvements

v 0.3.0

Add Nord Stage 2
improve reverse mapping from midi to Program name

v 0.2.0

It comes with a cleaner UI
he UI can handle multiple devices
Add Nord Lead 4
Nord Stage 3 Live Mode
Speed up the application start

v 0.1.1

Calculate Program Number for Nord Stage 3
first release

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